Transfer of Shares and Settlement

Janata Sahakari Banlk Ltd., Pune    26-Sep-2018
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One of the basic services provided by depository is transfer of securities from one account to another at the instruction of the account holder. Trading and settlement of shares are very easy and expeditiously carried out in the depository environment.

Sale /Delivery of Securities

There are following 2 broad categories in transfer instruction of sale of shares.

Market Trade

An instruction for transfer of security from beneficiary account (investor accounts) to a clearing member account (broker account) is termed as market trade.
If a client wishes to transfer shares on account of transaction done on the stock exchange, he has to fill the Janata Bank delivery instruction slip column meant for market trade and cancel the column of off-market trade. The following details will have to be filled :


It is an 8 digit figure beginning with IN. The CMBP ID is very crucial for trades in market settlement. The CMBPID is acquired from the concerned Broker and the information of CMBP ID is not available from the branch.


This field is to be filled with the name of the broker whose CMBP ID has been mentioned.


This is the market type on which the trade is done. The STOCK EXCHANGE has separate segments for each market type. For e.g. Normal, Rolling Market Lot, Trade for Trade etc. The client should confirm this with broker and the information for this is not available at the branches.


This is the settlement number in which the trade has been done. This number should be confirmed with the broker. For every settlement number there is deadline given by the stock Exchange. The client should submit the delivery one day prior to the pay in deadline, upto 4 p.m. to any of the nearest Janata Bank branch.

Off market Trade

An instruction to transfer security from one Beneficiary Account to another Beneficiary Account is termed as off market transfer 
For this the client has to use the Janata Bank delivery instruction slip and fill in the column meant for off- market trade and cancel the column of market trade. The following details will have to be filled:

DP Name

In this field, the name of the DP whose DP Id is mentioned above has to be filled.

Client Id

This is the client ID of the client to whom the shares from the client ID of Janatat Bank account are to be transferred.

The following fields remain the same for both market and off market trade.


This is the 12 digit character code beginning with IN. It is a unique code given to the every shares. You should confirm the same from the transaction statement / holding statement available.

Security Name:

This is the name of the security to be transferred.


This is the number of shares which are transferred / sold. This is to be written in words as well as figures.

Execution date:

This is the date on which the shares are transferred from the account. In case of market trades this is a very crucial date and the execution date has to be necessarily before the pay-in date of the Stock Exchange. 


The slip must be signed by all the account holders as per the specimen signature registered with Janata Bank at the time of demat account opening.