Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Janata Sahakari Banlk Ltd., Pune    09-Apr-2015
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Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune was established on 18th October 1949 by people committed to social cause in Pune city. The Bank has always kept the goal of helping economically weaker section of the society and has carved a place as bank of masses and not only for classes.

The World Bank Group, also stating, “Corporate social responsibility is the commitment of businesses to contribute to sustainable economic development by working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large, to improve their lives in ways. Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune has from inception committed itself to the social cause

  • In 1961 when Pune was engulfed in flood, Bank provided financial support to the victims.
  • In 1987 Maharashtra was reeling under draught, in most parts there was acute shortage of food, water, and fodder for animals.

The bank recognizing need to overcome this situation had collected funds in large scale. Drought relief committee was formed with participation from Shareholders, customers and employees. Through this committee drought relief work like providing food to students, camp for animals etc. was done. Drinking water facility was provided at Dhamapur and Gowalwadi villages in Sangameshwar in Ratnagiri district. For this purpose 3200 foot pipeline was led and a water tank was constructed.

  • On 30th September 1993 Latur in Maharashtra was shocked with massive earthquake. The Bank provided immediate relief work and medical facility. Bank was actively involved in reconstructing of Kavathe village in Ausa of Osmanabad District

To help the victims of such natural calamities bank has established a trust under the banner as ‘‘Janata Bank Pune Aapattee Vimochan Samitee’’.
An award has been instituted is the memory of Late Moropant Pingale, an RSS Pracharak the main inspiration in the establishment of the Bank. The award annually given goes to an institution and not to an individual engaged in social service.


Following institutions has been awarded ….


अ. क्र

संस्थेचे नाव




 मोहन ठुसे नेत्र रुग्णालय व संशोधन संस्था, नारायणगांव


 सेवाभारती , इचलकरंजी


 भटके विमुक्त विकास परिषद, महाराष्ट्र प्रांत


 परमपूज्य श्री. गोळवलकर गुरुजी स्मृती सेवा प्रकल्प, गोळवली




 जनकल्याण रक्तपेढी


 सक्षम नागपूर


 ज्येष्ठ समाजसेवक मा. सय्यदभाई


In addition to above award, donation has been given to the following institutions in last five years



Name of the Institution





 सह्याद्री आदिवासी बहुविध सेवा संघ, देवबंध



 श्री. शिवाजी रायगड स्मारक मंडळ


 वनवासी कल्याण आश्रम महाराष्ट्र


 महर्षी कर्वे स्त्री शिक्षण संस्था - महिलाश्रम वसतिगृह


 राष्ट्रीय सेवा समिती रत्नागिरी संचालित प. पू. श्री. गोळवलकर गुरुजी ग्रामविकास स्मृती, ग्रामविकास प्रकल्प, गोळवली


 ज्ञानदा प्रतिष्ठान संचालित ताराचंद रामनाथ शैक्षणिक संकुल




 कै. वामनराव ओक रक्तपेढी


 श्री. समर्थ वाग्देवता मंदिर, धुळे


 महात्मा फुले वस्तू संग्रहालय


 धर्मजागरण समन्वय विभाग, पश्चिम महाराष्ट्र प्रांत


 प्राथमिक शिक्षण मंडळ शिक्षण संस्था, रास्ता पेठ


 फोर संस्था संचालित अंकुर विद्यामंदिर






 International Leprosy Union Health Aliance



 Shree Sant Seva Sangh


 Late Ushatai Lokhande Charitable Trust




 Swargiya Nana Palkar Smruti Samitee


 Sangali Shikshan Sanstha






 Vivekanand Medical Foundation & Research Center





 Seva Sahayog Foundation


 Seva Prabodhini


 Nagrik Sahayata Samitee


 Punarutthan Samarasata Gurukulam


 Janabharati Nyas


 Purvaseema Vikas Pratishthan


 Daryavardi Pratishthan


 Vishwa Hindu Parishad






 Jankalyan Samiti, Maharashtra



 Dnyan Prabodhini samshodhan Sanstha





Download:Daryavardi Pratishthhan  

Download:Vivekanand Medical Foundation & Research Center


Download:Seva Prabodhini

Download:Sangali Shikshan Sanstha

Download:Seva Sahyog Foundation