Depository Services

Janata Sahakari Banlk Ltd., Pune    16-Mar-2014
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Janata Shakari Bank Ltd., Pune offers a facility to open an account of Depository Services Department through any of our branches in Pune city. The services are available for the equities and debt instruments in depository segment on NSE / BSE. The operations are as simple as operating a saving bank account. You will deposit the physical shares with us and receive a statement of account showing the details of your various holdings, or you can open account without any share and when the time is opportune, you can buy the shares for credit into your account. You can get back your shares in physical form, if ever you want.

Client Base
Nearly 34,000 Clients, mainly Individuals
Tele-Depository Services
Services available to get transaction / holding statement of account and details about pending DMAT on their fax no.
Auto e-mail Services
Services available to get transaction / holding statement to customers on their e-mail address.
No bad deliveries
No stamp duty on transfers
No delays in transfer
No loss / damage to certificates during transit
No courier / postal delays
No botheration to follow up with the companies
No botheration of mismatch / forged signatures
No fear of fake certificates
Get shares transferred within 3 working days from the trading date.
All this at a very minimum cost



1) Depository Services:

     A) Demat Account Opening NSDL/CDSL
     B) Dematerialisation with Transposition & Transmission
     C) Rematerialisation
     D) Facility for holding Mutual Fund in Demat
     E) Transmission – Death Case
     F) Transfer & Settlement
     G) Purchase / Receipt of Securities
     H) Delivery Instruction Slip Issue
     I) Pledge – Initiation / Closure / Confirmation
     J) Modification
     K) NSDL Services – IDEAS / SPEED-e 
     L) CDSL Services - Easi / Easiest
     M) Schedule of Charges – NSDL
     N) Download of Form
     O) Schedule of charges for CDSL 

2) PAN Services
3) CDSL Insurance Demat Account.
4) IPO ASBA - Retail / Syndicate.

     A. Investor Charter
     B. Dos and Don’ts for Investors
     C. Rights of investors